Urgent need to coordinate digitisation of South Africa’s heritage content

Archive digitisation

South African universities, public libraries and historical archives are sitting on treasure troves of valuable documents and manuscripts that have yet to be digitised. As a result, these historically significant documents are not easily available to historians and other academics for their research, and are also at risk of being lost in events like fires […]

Cloud offerings make enterprise-class intelligent document processing affordable for SMEs for the first time

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings from enterprise-class vendors are driving down the costs of intelligent document processing (IDP) and capture solutions, making them more accessible and affordable to small and medium businesses. This trend unlocks opportunities for paper-intensive small and mid-sized businesses to increase productivity and reduce costs through intelligent automation.    This class of solution was […]

Remote work highlights the pain points of paper-based processes

  Despite the rapid move towards remote work during the pandemic, even Covid-19 hasn’t been able to kill off paper in the enterprise. The result is that most businesses are facing the twin challenges of ensuring that remote employees manage hardcopy documents with due regard for security and making it easy for them to share […]

Where do I start with Digital Transformation?

Do these terms make you want to hide away until it’s all over? Even though digital transformation is the new buzzword of 2020 and beyond, it came into being for a reason. Most people are starting to realise that this isn’t just a trend that will make way for the next hot topic soon. Digital […]

Start slow, work fast

I am currently posting a series of articles and info pieces about how to break down your digital transformation journey into manageable small steps. The first in the series was posted last week and over the next few weeks I will try and cover all the basic topics, tips, and stumbling blocks. In last week’s […]