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We aim to provide value to our clients by understanding their business processes and offering solutions that add value to them in terms of speed, efficiency and security.


With the right hardware and software solution digitising, record keeping and easy access of FICA documents is simple.

Financial Services

Avoid the possibility for fraud by identifying edited bank statements, falsified revenue tax documents and falsified microlending application documents.

Libraries & Archives

We have been providing state of the art equipment for digitisation projects across Africa for the last 15 years and have overseen many projects focussed on preserving the history held in many Libraries and Archives.


In heritage the challenge is to preserve our past in a way that will be sustainable long into the future.


Digital technologies will bring patients and care teams closer together. Patient records should be readily available with a patient’s full medical history on a central system.


A compliancy component is built into the over-all management solution relating to employees’ extensive safety checks.


The export process of African produce comes with a string of requirements and red tape.


Although the legal industry is still very paper-heavy, the trend is moving towards bespoke document management systems and automated processing.


FCTEC’s years of experience in digitisation, places us at the very centre of access to cutting edge global technology to serve the education industry.


The world has changed and having your media available digitally is important for the industry’s survival.


To ensure accuracy and real time updates, scanning software must fully integrate with existing logistics software.

Future Sectors

Whether you need to digitise paper records or are exploring ways to transform your customer journeys, FCTEC has the expertise to help you.