Education must adopt technology to solve global challenges.

FCTEC’s years of experience in digitisation, places us at the very centre of access to cutting edge global technology to serve the education industry.

With online learning taking the world by storm, institutions are adapting to cater for the fast-changing needs of learners across the globe. Africa is at the forefront of these changes due to accessibility being a historical issue on the continent, but access and development of new technology has always been a drawback. Now that the rest of the world is facing the same challenges, more and more solutions are being developed and adopted internationally.

Challenges in the industry include making research available and accessible. Gone are the days of visiting tertiary libraries to attain and contribute to research. These vast collections that keep growing with every year’s dissertations and theses need to be digitised and made accessible and searchable.

On the admin side lies a different mountain of paperwork such as student record keeping including everyone’s educational history. Student finance documentation and collection of loans. Of course, central to all these digitisation processes is protecting the privacy of student information.

Our Clients Include: