Towards a centralised healthcare system.

Digital technologies will bring patients and care teams closer together. Patient records should be readily available with a patient’s full medical history on a central system.

We see the move in the healthcare industry is being accelerated to be a fully digitsed process. At this point unstructured data and a lack of analytical capability is proving to be a barrier point to unlocking the full potential of their organisations. By managing data as a strategic asset, providers will gain unprecedented insight into clinical and non-clinical processes.

Another challenge faced is the accuracy of a patient’s medical record as there are far too many incidents of fraud where family members pose as a medical aid client to reap the benefits. Biometric scanning solutions could solve this problem and avoid an administrative nightmare of fraudulent medical histories.  A cultural shift to a digital mindset, coupled with new technology, will enable development of a continuously improving learning health system.

Central to these solutions is an accurate scanning solution to ensure that historical data is captured from the current hard copy and is included in the new digitised patient record being built. Without this, the digitised solution loses value if one has to keep referring back to hard copy stored elsewhere.

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