The future of our past.

In heritage the challenge is to preserve our past in a way that will be sustainable long into the future.

New technologies alter our lives, and the way in which we perceive it, beyond the imaginable. Previously microform was used to preserve historical documents.

While we now see that as redundant technology. Massive advancements have been made technologically since then. But there are still challenges in digitising our heritage documents and artifacts. The two main challenges of course being quality and space (storage space on electronic devices). Apart from quality and space, the material needs to be easily accessible. Accessibility all depends on how it is indexed and stored and whether the material is easy to retrieve.

We have spent years identifying, sourcing, and ensuring our technical team is fully trained in the installation and use of these ‘fit to purpose’ technologies. With equipment deployed at National Libraries, Special Collection Libraries and Archives across the continent we are ideally placed to assist you with your unique project requirements.

Our Clients Include: