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The future of Libraries and Archives.

We have been providing state of the art equipment for digitisation projects across Africa for the last 15 years and have overseen many projects focussed on preserving the history held in many Libraries and Archives.

Libraries and Information Services face enormous challenges across the globe, but more so in Africa. Digitising huge collections is time consuming and expensive. Third-world countries do not always have the luxury to spend resources on preservation and digitisation of libraries and archives.

Africa as a continent holds within its history the history of our existence as evolved human beings and the knowledge that remains captured in its heritage documents and artifacts is relevant to the entire world. Digitising library collections and research documents and making it accessible to the corners of the world is a concern for everybody and should be prioritised. That is why we are endeavouring to make the digitisation of African libraries and archives achievable using internationally accredited processes and technology and bringing the Information Service industry in Africa up to world standards.

One of the most important factors one needs to keep in mind when digitising these items is the fragility of them. Many books and documents in these libraries across Africa have not been kept in the best manner possible to ensure that their deterioration is halted, and this makes handling them challenging.  Our solutions solve all these challenges!

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